Breaking News Review and Testing

I had a great experience with this company. They paid on time and had lots of great offers for me to choose from. Any questions I had were answered quickly thru skype so support was excellent. The sign up process consisted of a 1 page form so it was fast and easy. I recommend switching the video quality to 720P above. If you have any questions on anything don’t hesitate to ask me. For more information or To get signed up click the button above and fill out the 1 page form and they’ll usually have you approved within a couple hours. For my full review look below. Thanks

Evergreen Fx Review

Quality Offers - 8

On Time Payout - 10

Customer Support - 10 Review and Testing
Summary Well this review took a bit longer than I thought it would to start. I wanted to get several months worth of data before I gave my final recommendation of this forex cpl network. One thing to note is they have the highest payouts i’ve seen so far and they only require a name and email address to convert. The actual Cost Per Lead ranges between $8 and $25 per lead. There are also some smaller offers that pay $1.50 per lead but I didn’t focus on those. Also I received payment for my efforts on time every time. Based on my experience I highly recommend it for anyone who has a forex list or anyone who has experience with advertising cpl offers. This has been my first experience in the cpl arena so im a newby and even I was able to make money with their offers. That should speak volumes.