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May 2014 Online Income Report!

Welcome to my May 2014 monthly income report!

Each month I will share a detailed report on how much income each of my online businesses has made. It doesn’t matter if its been a great month or a terrible month, ill put the details here in these reports.

This will not only hold me accountable and keep me motivated but hopefully it will also inspire others to take action towards their goals since im essentially starting from nothing. My reports may be small to start but hopefully that will change as I continue to grow as an online entrepreneur.

Lastly as a point of reference my online income from the first income report in January 2014 was $356.70 lets see how that changes each month.


This wasn’t a good month. My Jo Bracket Breakout commissions have dried up for some reason. The thing about marketing trading programs is that once those systems go thru a rough patch sales will dry up. That’s exactly whats happened with JOBB. I expect sales to resume hopefully after we get on another winning streak with the system. That’s why there were no sales for that offer this month and its also why my online income was so low. Everything else either made more money or stayed the same. Ill be experimenting with pay per call in June so hopefully something good will come of that. I have no experience with pay per call offers but I’ve met a couple people who are doing well so hopefully ill be able to duplicate their success. Anyway I suppose I cant complain, any profit is money I didnt have before so I’m thankful for it. The break down is below.

Income Breakdown

Affiliate Programs:

  1. The Oil Well- $72.00
  2. Fast Economic News- $222.10
  3. Jo Bracket Breakout- $0
  4. Progressive Trading Group- $50.00

Cost Per Lead Offers:

  1. Forex niche- $227.00 ($50 advertising expense)

Gross Income: $571.10 – $50= $521.10

May 2014 Total Income: $521.10 (306.00 Less than last month)

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